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What is the Gold Star Award?
The Gold Star Award is given yearly to a Fifth Chair Volunteer who has distinguished themselves in service to the Foundation and the game of bridge.

Fifth Chair’s 2010 Gold Star winner is Michael Moss (mytmoss on OKbridge). Mike one teaches at the Foundation’s 2/1 team game on OKbridge.  Mike is a long-time Fifth Chair volunteer and has helped many beginning and novice bridge students through these Saturday morning instructional team games.
We applaud him for his faithful dedication and service to online bridge education through the
Fifth Chair Foundation.

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The Gold Star Award for 2009 goes to Eloise Evans (pollye) on OKbridge. She has been wonderful in setting up the tables for our teaching team games on OKbridge. We thank her very much for this service. Honorable mention goes to both Kaltica, and mytmoss; they are wonderful teachers who moderate the teaching games, and assist in the instruction of the rules of the game.



Our award this year goes to Bob Lindahl (riggin) of OKbridge. He has been very faithful, for the past 2-3 years in setting up the first table for the SAYC teaching team game that starts at 7:55 Am Pacific each week as well as letting all who join know what the rules of the game are. We wish to thank him very much for his faithfulness; we appreciate all he does for us.


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its 2007 Gold Star Award to William Frisby (athene on OKBridge). He has helped with the moderation of the SAYC team games since mid-2005 and is very well liked by his students. We as a foundation are very grateful to have his assistance.


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its 2006 Gold Star Award to Colin Ward (kaltica on OKBridge). He has been a moderator for the SAYC Saturday morning team game for many years now. Each Saturday, at 8 am pacific, finds him observing a table, teaching the students both the correct bidding, and the correct play of the hand after each is finished. We appreciate all he has done, and continues to do in the training of good bridge players.


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its 2005 Gold Star Award to Bill Segraves (griffins on OKBridge). Honorable mention goes to Dorian/D. Johns (aka R. Townsend) and Louise Frettem/lettem. All of these folks are located on Okbridge; they have helped to organize and run a 2/1 team game for learning players over the last 3 to 4 years. Louise still continues this work.


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its 2004 Gold Star Award to Bob Owen. He has been assisting us at OKbridge in getting the commentators and table servers set up for both the SAYC and the 2/1 team games.  His excellent work each week in keeping the games going and well organized exemplifies the high ideals and aspirations of our organization.


The Fifth Chair Foundation Board of Directors proudly awards its 2003 Gold Star Award for outstanding volunteerism to Caitlin who has, for several years, organized Fifth Chair’s OKbridge Saturday morning instructional team games for Novice players and provided commentary for players and spectators.


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its 2002 Gold Star Award for outstanding volunteerism to Connie "Lucy" DeLisle who has been answering the Ask Anything questions for us (and you!) for many years!


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its 2000 Gold Star Award for outstanding volunteerism to Anna Marsh who has been instrumental in raising donations for our cause.

Very honorable mentions for this year's award include Tony Reus (tuna on OKBridge) and Frank Stewart have also done so much to support our efforts.


The Fifth Chair Foundation proudly awards its January 1999 Gold Star Award for outstanding volunteerism to Gloria Kessler.  Gloria, known as Chips on OKbridge, is an expert player from the Chicago area who has for over two years generously donated her time to serve as a regular expert commentator at Fifth Chair learning sessions and graciously served as a volunteer consultant.

Many thanks Gloria - you're the best!





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